Work Queue

In an effort to remain organized and on track, I'm keeping track of my work orders using a google sheet.  Here is the public view of what I'm working on, so that you know the status of your order.

If you do not see your order, or if you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, fb messenger on my business page, Instagram DM, or text.  The only message inbox I don't regularly check is Ravelry.

Here's a description of the states to completion that all projects go through:

  • Artwork - Designing and digitizing new pattern
  • Setup - Cutting blanks, printing/adhering patterns, drilling pilot holes
  • Scrolling - Cutting the pattern (the FUN part!)
  • Profiling - Cutting the outside profile and doing final fit on the arms
  • Finishing - Finish sanding, oiling, woodburning, buffing
  • Shafting - Making shafts and fitting them to each spindle
  • Bag & Tag - Weighing, packaging, photographing, adding to inventory
  • Posted - Posted to website, awaiting payment


Updated 03.22.2022



  • HomesteadFiber - Std - 2/Sheep, 1/Hedgehog, 2/Bunny, 1/ChickenEgg


  • ToniP - Std - Sea Turtle in DC
  • BrianH - Std - Socks in DC
  • Gift Spindles (2x custom)


  • MoniqueH - Std - Knit It in TBD



Bag & Tag


  • AnnieT - Std - Leap Frog - Bog Oak
  • LindseyR - Std - Gift Spindle (notified / not posted)


DC = Dealer's Choice (Jeri chooses)