LIMITED EDITION - Scrolled Turk™ Set - Holiday 2021

LIMITED EDITION - Scrolled Turk™ Set - Holiday 2021

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My first ever limited edition offering is a Scrolled Turk™ spindle set (standard and large) with a coordinated hand-dyed fiber braid.

This is a pre-order listing and an exception to my no payment up front rule. I will only be making as many sets as are ordered, and with my day job, I will only have time to make a maximum of 25 sets and have them done and delivered in time for Christmas. If you celebrate a different holiday and need it sooner, please message through the About > Contact Jeri option and I will see if I’m able to accommodate the timeline.

Please note that in order to ensure a timely delivery during this holiday season, I highly recommend choosing the UPS option during checkout, or at least USPS Priority over the first class option.

Both spindles feature arms made from Curly Maple.

  • Std Scrolled Turk™ - The perfect option for spinning singles
  • Lg Scrolled Turk™  - Made for plying, will hold an entire 4 oz braid

Snowkid Sledding

Everybody who knows me know that I'm a sucker for the holiday season.  From Thanksgiving to New Years, my TV is tuned to the Hallmark family of channels watching Christmas movies, and the music being blasted in the car and the wood shop changes from Country to Christmas.

Until recently, Christmas time meant joining my family in Michigan where chances were always good that I would get to see fresh fallen snow, and hopefully take a walk on squeaky snow (those from the north know what I'm talking about).  Things have changed a little with my move back to Texas.  Daddy and Sis now spend the holiday season down here with me each year, so there's no snow, but I do still get to enjoy my Christmas tree decorated with handmade ornaments and my vast collection of SNOWMEN!

It should come as no surprise that my first Limited Edition Holiday pattern would include Snow People. The pattern I drew features snowkids racing down a hill on a candy cane sled.  On the standard spindle, there is a single snowkid, and on the large spindle, there are three snowkids.  Get it?  Singles and 3-ply?

Partnering with me for this package is an amazing dyer, Stephanie Buford from Deep Dyed Yarns.  Each package will include a gorgeous 4 oz braid of mixed BFL dyed with patches of cranberry, pine green, and shades of turquoisey/tealey blue.  I love BFL for socks and slippers, and if I wore hats and mittens, I would want it for those, too.