Adversity --> Opportunity

Out of adversity comes opportunity.  For reasons beyond my control, I am no longer able to accept payment via Paypal.  I cannot even begin to explain why, because I don't know why.  I've asked the question, both on the phone and via email, but in spite of my 11+ years of zero customer complaint patronage as a seller, and many more years as a consumer, I heard nothing but crickets and generic party lines in return.  And apparently, there is no appeal process.  From what I'm reading, this is a common occurrence for Paypal.  My advice to all of my friends still using Paypal is to never leave funds in your Paypal account, because this can happen to you without warning and without provocation.

Bottom line - it is what it is.  Turns out this was just the kick in the behind I needed to finally create my own shopping website.  So, after my week long pity party, I put on my big girl pants, pasted a smile to my face, and got to work.

Welcome you to the brand spankin' new site.  Shopping and more!!!

Now granted, most of my product listings are still in my Artfire shop.  I just have a handful of items live in the new site so that the navigation could be tested.  I had to get it up and running so that I could ship some custom orders that are complete.  As y'all know, I don't accept payment until the spindle is complete.  Jeanne and Lori - I'll get your emails out to you during my lunch break tomorrow (Thursday).

In addition to finishing up all of the 'pre-order' spindles that are currently listed in the Artfire shop, I will be working on getting the tablet weaving shuttles and lucets re-photographed and moved over to the new shop.  In the meantime, if you see something over there that you would like to claim as your own, please let me know, and I will move it over here immediately so it can be purchased.  I have turned off the Paypal connection from Artfire, and no sales may be completed in that shop.

Future plans for this new site include tutorials and sneak peaks into my workshop, so stay tuned.  Sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the latest updates.  Email frequency will be no more than once a week.

Keep spinning, my friends!